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Dario D. Müller Dario D. Müller

Dario D. Müller

Hi, my name is Dario and I'm a software and games developer at Tiny Roar in Hamburg, Germany.

With a background in coding apps and websites, I majored in Game Programming and participated many game jams with Tiny Roar. The only bigger love in my life than C# is wakeboarding and visiting music festivals.

View my Projects to have a look into some Insights and Learnings. Most of the projects of the last years were developed with Unity 3D Engine, C# and PHP.

I really like technical planning, managing and implementation of all kinds of software solutions.

Thanks to all the years of working with agencies, startups and customers that accompanied me on my journey with the experiences to improve my soft- and coding-skills.

Projects I worked for in the past 12 months