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Dario D. Müller Dario D. Müller

Dario D. Müller

Hi, my name is Dario and I'm a Software Developer living in Hamburg, Germany. After starting coding web applications in 2009 and several software applications some years later, I majored in Computer Science Game Programming in 2014, and soon afterward co-founded Tiny Roar.

I see myself not only as a software developer, but as an inventor as well. Whenever I find a way to improve a workflow or find a process that can be automated, I really enjoy the challenge finding and building a solution for it.

Have a look at some of my games where I can share some of the insights and lessons my team and I learned with you. Most of the projects were developed with Unity 3D C#, JavaScript or PHP.

I would also like to say thank you to all the customers, companies and all the nice people behind them that accompanied me on my journey to help me improve my business and coding skills.