Elfer Liga

Learning to build a HTML5 game: JS Framework, UI & Animations, engines and EcmaScript (2017-05-01)


Sudden Strike Quiz

At the end of 2016, Team Tiny Roar developed a small companion quiz app Kalypso's Sudden Strike 4 (2017-03-28)



Hula is a 1on1 multiplayer experience rooted in the polynesian mythology. (2017-01-23)


1.5 Years Tiny Roar

A success story or a story of failures? (2016-09-19)


Crazy Maze

Tiny Roar present their second mobile game. (2015-12-22)


Jump the Rope

Are you ready for intense high-score battles with your friends? (2015-07-31)


Glitch Force

Ret and Blu are 2D-Platformer Heroes and Glitches appears everywhere. (2015-06-15)


AlphaKlang – The Experience of Sound

3D game and custom-build C++ framework that dynamically reacts to music. (2015-02-19)


Herp ‘n’ Derp – Monster Advocate

Herp ‘n’ Derp put the monster in “Monster Advocate”. (2015-01-28)


Flowfield Pathfinding

Neuartiger Einsatz zur Lenkung von Schwärmen. (2014-09-02)