Elfer Liga

This article is about some Learnings with Elfer Liga game on Tipp24.com Platform. While building a small browser game with HTML5 Tiny Roar tried out some frameworks and I learned a lot. The learnings not only refer to this game, but also to another small internal game, my team and me build a prototype for. Welcome to my conclusion:

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HTML5 Learnings

I used a smaller JS Framework that was developed during some gamejams from programmer of InnoGames. The problem with small frameworks is (like in every language or for any use-case), that is contains errors and must be get a lot of bugfixes. It also wasn't really tested in production projects yet. Okay, it's very lightweight and maybe brings a good performance. Next time another framework.

  • Use PixiJS, CreateJS, Phaser or another JavaScript rendering framework is better and less error-prone. The frameworks I mentioned prodive all basic stuff for production envionment like Spritesheets, all methods for perfect setup your entities you can imagine.
  • Also they use WebGL Rendering (instead 2D Rendering) for better Performance and 2D rendering as fallback. Also Mobile Support through these frameworks as well as Sound and Preloading and many more..
  • You also get more features like better Spriteatlas Support and overall a bugfree and feature-complete product due to a large open source community
  • I could also use an EcmaScript implementation next time, for example TypeScriptCoffeeScript or Haxe.
  • No more file-handling like require.js. Bugfixing those bugs are stupid.
  • Haxe could have even more advantages like support for native Android / iOS export - maybe decisive for some projects. For web usage, Pixi, Box2D and others have haxe workable versions.

HTML5 Art & UI Learnings

  • UI and Animations are pretty difficult to implement in JS. Best way would be that an artist can build it by his own instead of programming by a coder. There are some stand-alone tools (and tools for PixiJS etc.) out there that provide an GUI for easily doing these stuff. I don't know the best solutiom yet, but there are a lot out there. To be continued...
  • Also possible coule by trying Cocos2D or other engines optimized for web. Maybe it's better? (Currently Unity3D seems to have large export files, so in my case this wasn't an option)