Tiny Roar's third game jam project 'Hula' is a 1on1 multiplayer experience rooted in polynesian mythology. A playful love story about Lono and Laka, the deities for prosperity and rain, who can be called upon by performing the famous hula dance. The game was built in under 48 hours as part of the Global Game Jam 2017, where my team and I won 1st place!

Hula game

In our game we meet the two lovebirds during their first encounter: Laka has stolen Lono's treasured token while he was fishing in order to get his attention. While Laka is hiding with her invisibility in an old ruin (as she’s a water elemental), Lono has to locate Laka by listening to the sounds she makes while sneaking, sensing the vibrations when she is close by, and keeping an eye on the waves she casts when she runs.


Your goal as Player 1 (Lono) is to catch Player 2 (Laka) as fast as possible. In order to catch her you need to press the A-Button (on a Controller or Space on the keyboard) when Lono is close to her. If you are close enough you will catch her, but if not you can tell by her giggling how far away she is. Beware the dark water, as it will slow you down a lot! You can also use the vibration of your controller to feel if you are close to her. As Laka, try to move slowly or otherwise you will become visible and cast waves in the water. If you manage to stay hidden for 60 seconds, you win (Player B on the keyboard can press Right-Shift for slower movement).

I recommend Headphones and Controllers with activated rumble features for an optimal player experience.


The Global Game Jam 2017 was amazing. Thank you for the kindness of all participators, those who voted for us, and of course InnoGames for being such a good organisers of the event. It’s because of them that Hula was possible with such a small team:

Art Game Design Programming Sound
  • Robert Koch
  • Maurice Hagelstein
  • Sebastian Sacher
  • Dario D. Müller
  • Merlin Györy


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