tinylytics is a small analytics and tracking system specialised for mobile games. With tinylytics the game designer can improve visitor engagement and increase customer retention rates. The database currently stores over 300 million data sets from nearly 1 million users globally.

Tinylytics was developed and is currently used in several games by Team Tiny Roar and their partners. It runs on PHP with a MySQL database, and grew out of the problem that most of the analytics systems we tested weren’t capable of viewing data in real time, and made it too complicated to evaluate and analyse data by comparing them to each other, or to calculate multiple axes on a chart.



Chat-AI was a small idea based on the concept of automating chatting with friends. It can be fed with chat conversations from whatsapp, facebook, and other messaging clients. By asking a question the backend checks keywords (ordered by length and frequency) and determines which answer fits best before replying.

The biggest advantage compared to other chatbots and bot-frameworks is the dynamic understanding of questions and answers. It self-optimises through a continuous cycle of learning and caching. The system decides in the context of the chat, as well from previous conversations, which answer would be the most clever or relevant.

The backend is written in PHP with a MySQL database in the background.

Imagemap Generator


Imagemap Generator is a online tool for creating clickable areas in images as HTML code. The tool is small, powerful and very simple to use.

The idea behind this web tool began as a task of creating image-maps for developing websites which was given to me by a previous employer. There were no user-friendly, simple solutions on the internet at the time, so it also gave me the opportunity to experiment and learn SEO and SEM, which worked extremely well.

Imagemap Generator is, at the moment, one of the number-one ways to create html imagemaps online. The website has been visited by approximately 900 unique users each day and has served on average 18.000 unique users per month for the past several years.

Imagemap Generator

Personal Cloud


Personal Cloud began as online storage software my friends and I used for private usage for storing and sharing data on our own server. After several updates I expanded the project's scope by adding a text-editor and audio-player so I could create my own Spotify alternative wherever I had a pc with internet.

The software was developed with PHP and MySQL in 2009 and it was with this I had my first programming experience. The software was similar to today’s dropbox and google drive with the difference that, at that time, smart cloud-storage solutions weren’t as mainstream as they are today.