Sudden Strike Quiz

At the end of 2016, Tiny Roar developed a small companion quiz app for Kalypso's Sudden Strike 4. The project was built in Unity3D with a PHP-based backend. It was developed for iOS and Android in the course of a few months. An interesting aspect of this project was that the codebase was developed by the french developer Bulwark Studios, whereas we had to adopt the source code to develop the branding for a Sudden Strike IP.

Sudden Strike 4 Quiz

The quiz contains the ruleset you know from most quiz games - Player 1 can play against other random players or against friends. The app will not only test players’ knowledge of World War II but also give them the opportunity to earn exclusive discounts on the pre-purchase of the full release of Sudden Strike 4.

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  • Next time set aside more time to upskill and learn about the existing architecture and unknown source code from an already-built project, by our client, as well as learn the php backend on the server-side which was already very overdone for a relatively small quiz app.
  • Amazon AWS hosting was also surprisingly complicated to learn and work with for the first time.
  • On the Unity side, we will use a more powerful 'Dependency injection' or 'Inversion of Control' framework for our next project, as changing a lot of already built UI code was difficult and we ran into a lot of obstacles, forcing us find other solutions to develop our UI.
  • Do Testing and QA early in development cycle - approximately 50% of the time schedule for the first and a second versions were needed for this.
  • After getting feedback (this sounds self-evident but is actually very hard to follow): Collect the tasks first, order them, create an offer and time schedule and do not begin developing until it's agreed upon by the whole team, the partners and you’ve received the final Go-ahead!
  • Updating 3rd party SDKs needed far more effort than expected - especially when we had to do it several times at the end of the project cycle.


Sudden Strike 4 Quiz app was built by Team Tiny Roar:

Art Game Design Programming
  • Robert Koch
  • Maurice Hagelstein
  • Sebastian Sacher
  • Dario D. Müller