Sudden Strike Quiz

At the end of 2016, Tiny Roar developed a small companion quiz app for Kalypso's Sudden Strike 4. The project was build in Unity3D with a PHP backend. It was developed for iOS and Android within some month. An interesting aspect at this project was, that the codebase was developed by the french developer Bulwark Studios, where we adopt the sourcecode and do a branding for Sudden Strike IP.

Sudden Strike 4 Quiz

The quiz contains a ruleset you know from most quiz games - as Player 1 can play against other random players or against friends. The app will not only test players’ knowledge of World War II but also give them the opportunity to earn exclusive discounts on the pre-purchase of Sudden Strike 4. 

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  • Next time plan to have more time for train and learn the existing architecture and unknown sourcecode from the already build project - on client- as well as on php backend on server-side which was very overdone for a relatively small quiz app.
  • Amazon AWS hosting was also complicated to learn and work with for the 1st time
  • On Unity side, use a Dependency injection oder IoC framework for the next project - changing a lot of already build UI code was difficult and we run into a lot of obstacles were we must find other solutions to realise our UI
  • do Testing and QA early in development cycle - approximately at 50% of the time schedule for the first time and a second time nearby finishing
  • after getting feedback (sounds self-evident but is very hard to follow): Collect tasks first, order it, write an offer and time schedule and not begin developing until it's agreed with the whole team and partners and you got a final Go!
  • updating of 3rd party SDKs was way more effort than expected - especially when doing it several time at the end of the project cycle


Sudden Strike 4 Quiz app was build by Team Tiny Roar:

Art Game Design Programming
  • Robert Koch
  • Maurice Hagelstein
  • Sebastian Sacher
  • Dario D. Müller